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Welcome to 4D Lifetec AG - Pioneers of AI backed Healthcare Innovation. Our distinguished team of experts is committed to a vital mission - early cancer detection, a significant challenge in medicine, with utmost accuracy. Founded in 2014 by Dr. Arne Faisst and Nick Mijnssen, our highly innovative company proudly presents the groundbreaking solution to a pressing problem: our exclusive, fully patented 4D Lifetest™. This non-invasive, immuno-oncological blood test is a critical tool for everyone, revolutionizing early cancer detection with exceptional potential. Embrace the future of medicine with us, as we lead the way in shaping a healthier, brighter tomorrow for all. Trust in our dedication to transforming cancer diagnostics and empowering lives.


  • Exec. MBA at Lorange Institute of Business, Zurich and University of Wales, Cardiff
  • PhD in Technical Mineralogy at University of Berne
  • MSc in Mineralogy at University of Berne
  • Active in the Medtech Industry (Synthes, Mathys, Heraeus) since 2001 in various national and international positions

  • Experienced global executive with broad and deep understanding of healthcare markets and working experience from Science to Sales

  • Since 2014 engaged in active trust management at anfass Life Technologies AG

  • Since 2006 Member of Executive Committee and Treasurer of Swiss Society for Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine


  • Exec. MBA at China Europe International Business School
  • MBA at Lorange Institute of Business, Zurich
  • PhD in Biochemistry at University of Zurich
  • Dipl. Ing. in Chemistry at TU Darmstadt
  • Active in Life science and Laboratory automation since 2007 in various positions
  • Extensive international project management experiences in laboratory automation and life science
  • PhD in Molecular Biology
  • Editor
  • Experienced pharma R&D professional and biomarker scientist
  • Deep expertise in diagnostically, pre-clinically and clinically applied nucleic acid analytical technologies
  • Bachelor of Science in Molecular Life Sciences with a specialization in Molecular Bioanalytics
  • Several years of hands-on experience as a Laboratory Technician in chemistry
  • Proficiency in human and mammalian cell culture, cell-based assays, and microscopy
  • Master of Science in Health Sciences and Technology from ETH Zurich
  • Expertise in molecular biology techniques, including DNA sequencing, qPCR, PCR, and flow cytometry
  • Varied experience in medical technology startup and toxicology research
  • Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training as a Commercial Employee (EFZ)
  • Varied experience in taxation
  • Specialist for accounting and finance

Board Members

  • Exec. MBA at State University at Albany, New York
  • PhD in Virology at University of Göttingen
  • MSc in Biochemistry at University of Göttingen
  • Active in the Medtech Industry since 1989 (Fresenius, Synthes, Mathys, Cendres+Métaux) in various national and international positions in Germany, France, US, Netherlands and Switzerland
  • Long term experience in the field of Life Science (Biochemistry, Molecular Cell Biology and Virology)
  • 8 years CEO and Member of Board of Directors of the Mathys Group.
  • Since 2013 owner and CEO of anfass Life Technologies AG, family office and service provider for Active Trust Management
  • Experienced manager with deep understanding of healthcare markets in Europe, Asia and the US
  • Board Member since 2014
  • Board of directors mandates in the field of Online Media, Startups, Project Development
  • Studies in History and Philology
  • Founder/President Zentralplus AG
  • Former President Elchrom Scientific AG



  • Board Member since 2017
  • Holds various board of directors mandates in the field of home care, social enterprises and outdoor activities
  • Diploma of KV Business School Zurich
  • Independent specialist in finance, accounting and administration
  • Former President and CEO of Cendres+Métaux Holding SA, a manufacturer of high-precision, micromechanical parts for the medtech and watch industry
  • Former President and CEO of DT Swiss Group AG, a global manufacturer of high-performance cycling components
  • Former Finance, Accounting & Administration Manager for various Nestlé companies in Asia
  • World wide experienced in management of multicultural teams and project groups in various business fields
  • Board Member since 2020
  • Holds various board of directors’ mandates with diagnostics and pharmaceutical companies
  • Active in Healthcare, Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical industry
  • Business Consultant since 2017
  • Studies in Oncology, Precision Medicine, COVID-19, Clinical Trial management, Licensing
  • PhD, Diploma from Heidelberg University in Molecular Biology and Pharmacology
  • Independent specialist in Precision Medicine and Companion Diagnostics
  • Former Vice President Roche, Genentech, Danaher, Leica Biosystems, QIAGEN, entrepreneur and CEO of CellControl & Megamedics in Busienss development and Pharma Partnerships


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4D Lifetec Inc.
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4D Lifetec AG

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