4D Lifetec establishes a presence in the US market

The US diagnostics market, especially in the field of oncology, is growing rapidly and therefore holds great potential from 4D Lifetec’s perspective. To leverage this opportunity, the company has opened an office for its newly launched subsidiary 4D Lifetec Inc. based at the MIT campus in Boston, Cambridge, to support its operation in the US. The company address is ideally and strategically situated next to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With this advantageous central location, 4D Lifetec Inc. hopes to achieve further significant advances and is eager to forge new valuable business partnerships.

4D Lifetec is a pioneering company in the field of non-invasive, immuno-oncology blood testing for early cancer detection. The company has developed a proprietary transformative DDS biomarker that has the potential to become a key element in the diagnostic cascade for all main types of cancers. As an immunological assay, this biomarker has clinically demonstrated high sensitivity in early detection (> 90% at stage I), making it an ideal add-on to increase genomic liquid biopsy’s early sensitivity. 4D Lifetest™ Lung Dx is the Company's flagship product marketed with an initial focus on lung cancer confirmation. Additional applications (4D Lifetest™ Breast Dx, 4D Lifetest™ Prostate Dx, 4D Lifetest™ Colon Dx) are already CE IVD certified and ready to access additional markets worldwide.


“The new Boston office plays a central role in initiating and supporting our clinical trials in the US,” said Giancarlo Rizzoli, CEO of 4D Lifetec. “We have already started to augment our team with additional professionals on-site in Boston.”

Negotiations with various CLIA Labs (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) as cooperation partners are ongoing to support the company’s clinical trials. “CLIA Labs are important to us because our assay is a test for centralized clinical laboratories” elaborates Arne Faisst, President of the Board at 4D Lifetec.